Maker Space of Dr. Luck — A Bridge Between Youth and Maker

Based on different characteristics, Dr. Luck's Maker Space offers variety of intelligent blocks and related curriculum to the youth in order to realize their ideas and share their creativity. As the case stands, Dr. Luck cooperates several primary schools and middle schools to build Maker Spaces and gives relevant lectures to the teachers and students. Glad to say, the youngster performs quite well as they would well combine blocks with their unique imagination and creativity to build splendid models, robots and 3D printings.

Yijing NO.1 primary school in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, with the support of Dr. Luck and Wange, became the first primary school spaced a special classroom for marker as the Robot Laboratory on September 2015. In first class, students can not wait to put their ideas into practice: a boy picks out four wheels from a pile of equipment, while two boys connect a motor to the lithium battery. All students concentrate on their models making. With the bell ringing at the end of the lesson, a lot of interesting motor models and robots have been finished by students at the Robot Laboratory. Until now, the member of the Robot Laboratory have created deals of works and achieved great results at science and technology competitions of city or even province.

Besides helping schools to build Maker Space, Dr. Luck cooperated with Guangdong Science Popularization Center and Guangdong Volunteers Association for Popular Science to hold a lecture about robot maker on the theme of grow up with science and technology at Huanan Biguiyuan primary school on December 5, 2016. Liu Weijian, a professional teacher of Dr. Luck, made a clear narration of the theoretical basis, knowledge structure, teaching skills, practical significance of robot education and maker education for the lecture. After that, pupils had the time to explore the fun of science and interact with teachers from Dr. Luck to have a robot class.

As maker activity becoming more and more popular among the youth, Robot Maker Educational Inquiry and Experience Room was founded at Yijing NO.1 primary school by Dr. Luck on January 13, 2017. There are quite a lot intelligent robots, such as 3D printer, waking robot, tracking car and color sorting machine. Each student could build their favorite intelligent robots here and every time they can not wait to share with friends.

Dr. Luck now cooperates with schools to hold robot competitions and science activities, fully exercising STEAM education on students for their growth. Maker Space aims to build a room for the youth to learn wihle playing. At Maker Space, the youth trend to be more activity at learning science and technology, improving the building skills, combining both theory with practice and science in daily life. Moreover, they are also awareness of the importance of team-work, sharing, finding and solving problems. As a consequence, the youth would really enjoy the maker activity while they could create their own works.