Let's Enjoy Science

An oil bottle made car driven by five rubber bands for running 34.3 meters after successfully climbing a slope. A 3.22-meter tower which was composed by a pair of playing cards resisted the 'typhoon'. And an A4-paper-folded rocket was blown out 32.33- meter away. All of these happened at The 4th Cup of Dr. Luck of Guangdong Provincial Youth Science and Technology Innovation Challenging Competition which was held on 18th and 19th November 2016 in Guangzhou NO.2 middle school. There are about 600 teachers and students of 174 teams from 18 cities of Guangdong providence arriving at Guangzhou to take part in this challenging competition.

The competition is organized by Guangdong Provincial Youth Science and Technology Center and Guangzhou Association for Youth Science and Technology Education, with the support of Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Bureau of Education of Guangzhou Municipality and Guangzhou Association For Science and Technology. The game contains three groups — primary school, middle school and high school with two parts — hands-on making and impromptu PK. Based on the third session of this competition, levels of this time becomes more difficult and fun. For instance, the theme of the primary school group is Fly, Paper Rocket, which asks students to use PVC pipe to blow paper rocket to test the flight distance and the accuracy of passing the ring of the built paper-rocket; and the junior high school group tests height and wind-resistant of the built tower while the tower-shape card is attacked by 'typhoon' around Stand Up, Card Tower; and the high school group for the Run, Green Car, which tests the running distance and whether the plastic-bottle-cars could climb slope successfully and hit the ball accurately.

Everyone has a chance to participate in the competition, but not anyone could get good results especially those who doesn't have excellent building skills or creativity. For the primary school group, team of Xinbeijiang experimental School of Qingyuan City wins the championship as their paper rocket was flying further away. For the Junior high school group, although the difficulty of wind-resistant increased from the previous two to four, there are six teams break the record of 2.34 meters, especially the team of Maoming NO.1 junior high school who builds the highest tower of 3.22 meters. However, due to slightly inferior to the championship -- Feilaixia NO.1 junior high school from Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City at the reward points and improvisation, the highest tower team just catches the runner-up. Of course, the environmentally friendly cars of the high school group would be more diverse and cool on appearance than other groups. And the outcome of crossing slope and the hitting the ball also are much more obvious: Jiangmen NO.1 middle school catches the champion cup. Unfortunately, there still are more than 10 teams failed to complete the task in high school group.

This competition combines science with entertainment greatly that Guangdong youth would get such a great chance to experience science and technology. According to this challenging competition, both the players and the audiences get a lot of fun from science and technology. At the award ceremony, all of the prize-winning teams show satisfied and humble smiles, except the team of Maoming NO.1 junior high school who seemed to be regretted about the result. The captain of this team told us that they would build a much more splendid model and won't give the champion cup to others next time. Then all of teachers and students show their confidence and enthusiasm of winning price at next tournament with theme 'Push Yourself To the Limited, To Be A Hero By Paper', which requires outdated newspapers as material. See you next competition in November at Jiangmen!