China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week successfully opened at Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center on 1st August, 2016. Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of the State Council of China, and leaders from ten ASEAN countries attended this educational annual meeting. During this week, China and the countries of ASEAN have meaningful discussions on developing both education mainly includeing communicate educational concepts, sharing teaching materials and cooperating exchange programs. As one of representative enterprises, Dr. Luck displays Chinese science and technology education with a good mental outlook.

Dr. Luck displays unique educational concepts in all directions at the meeting -- the most representative teaching equipment for students in K12 learning period which meets nearly all needs of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. A good horse often needs a good spur. Dr. Luck also put forward the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Maths) which is an educational concept of science education that based on inquiry in the teaching equipement. It emphasizes learning it from doing it. This new method of education, different from traditional teaching way which deeply relies on teachers one-side effect, stresses the part of students activity learning. Under the STEAM, students need to use learning tools to practice the knowledge on textbooks, which is no doubt to increase students interests and initiatives of study. As a result, it would be much easier and pleasure for students to master vivid science and technology knowledge. On the other hand, learning tools also could help students to explore more related knowledge. It is clear that STEAM is good for students to study independently, scientific analysis and innovate. Dr. Luck aims to combine the STEAM with high quality education equipment to develop education. In addition, Dr. Luck displays the voice-robot, the wharf intelligent logistics center system, the youth robot competition, children educational tasks and different kinds of educational robots to show her great power at education equipment researching and developing to all visitors.

Vice premier Liu Yandong led guests from ASEAN to visit Chinese representative business at China-ASEAN Education Exchange Week. At the same time, Mrs. Liu also expressed national leaders' care and encouragement to these Chinese enterprises. When Mrs. Liu visited booth of Dr. Luck, the head of Dr. Luck Mr. Tsai made a specific production introduce to her and other visitors. Mrs. Liu listened carefully with nodding at times. Before the visitor left, Mrs. Liu shook hands with Mr. Tsai and expressed the encouragement to this hopeful developing company. Zhang Xinsheng, president of China Education Association for International Exchange, and vice minister of Ministry of Education in China, also admired achievements and development thoughts of Dr. Luck.

Through China-ASEAN education cooperation week, Dr. Luck does not only gain recognition from national leaders and representives from ASEAN, but also learn about different educational concepts through communicating with other education industries. Dr. Luck Educational Equipment Co., Ltd. walks along with hardships and harvest on the road of educational development. Thank everyone for your concern and support! And Dr. Luck will live up to your expectations.