Coach Training Course -- Meet Our New Friend EST

Coach Training Course for Guangdong Teenager Robot Contest (Shantou city) is successfully held at Shantou University on March 10, 2017. Hong Xiangwu, vice chairman of Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology, and Chen Shaobin, head of Audio-visual Equipment Station of Bureau of Education of Guangzhou Municipality, attends the opening ceremony. Besides, 80 teachers from Guangzhou take part in a two-day training.

On the first day, professional teacher of Dr. Luck analyzes rules and tasks of the contest, and demonstrate robot structure and program design of the optional item 'high-speed rail era' of 2017 Guangdong youth robot competition to the teachers. Then, he introduces EST — the visual programming robot whose main controller adopts a touch-screen operation layout to improve durability, waterproof and anti-fouling. One of the most distinguished features of EST is that it inserts the visual programming. As it was designed for teenagers and more advanced people, this new visual programming robot has easier operation and more functions through seven sensors and modular programming software. There is no doubt that EST is a good helper to students on understanding the structure of program and forming the skill of programming thinking. Moreover, a lively competition game on the next day offers teachers a valuable experience to practice with EST.

Another Coach Training Course for Guangdong Teenager Robot Contest (Maoming city) is organized by Guangdong Provincial Youth Science and Technology Center and Guangdong Provincial Youth Association for Science and Technology Education, and hosted by Maoming Association for Science and Technology and Bureau of Education of Maoming City at NO.1 middle school of Baidian District on April 12, 2017. More than one hundred coaches enthusiastically take training. Firstly, the professional teacher introduces the basic theory and main structure of EST. The coaches show great passion at EST as they urgently acquire these new theoretical knowledge and think about the application on building robots. Next, the coaches follow the professional teacher to program for their robots. At that time, the coaches find that EST could accept more advance programming orders at the same time. Afterwards, all of the robots made by coaches proceed a fierce robot tug-of-war. Learning as well as sharing, the winner shares his winning secret with all players there.

Through this kind of training course, teachers and coaches will be familiar with the newest intelligent technology of Dr. Luck, which is absolutely good for enhancing teachers and coaches' teaching skill and teaching level. Meanwhile, this training would bring Dr. Luck's STEAM theory into children's education by teachers and coaches. Teachers with advanced education theory equipped, our children would be much closer to a bright and shining future. In order to create a better educational environment, Dr. Luck is willing to continue to carry out such training for teachers and coaches. As you can see, Dr. Luck is keeping fighting with teachers and coaches to build an inspiring educational environment.