2017 Senior Seminar on Preschool Education


'April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.' Dr. Luck meets young April at 2017 Senior Seminar on Preschool Education on April 8th and 9th, 2017. This seminar discusses about how scientific teaching tools can be applied to kindergarten curriculum, which help us to walk into a new stage of preschool education.

As the host of the seminar, Dr. Luck carefully laid out the seminar with six splendid three-dimensional wall printings and various of three-dimensional models, such as cute giraffes, Christmas tree, windmill and castle which all built in bricks by the staff. We also invited authoritative speakers and prepared the teaching contents in order to provide a win-win platform for both the audience and the speaker. The seminar attracts more than 400 kindergarten-related workers from all over the country, including principals, teachers and trainers. Besides, we were honored to have several experts– Dr. Yin Hongting, the founder of Chinese and American Pre-primary Education Forum; Professor He Guanghui, deputy secretary-general of International Exchange Association of Education Equipment of China Education International Exchange Association and the secretary general of China ASEAN Education Equipment Forum; and Liu Rongchao, deputy director of Juvenile Scientist Organizing Committee – to make speeches about kindergarten education for audience.

At the symposium, Dr. Yin points out that choosing teaching tool is the key to realize reasonable allocation of kindergarten resources and optimize the hardware conditions of kindergarten scientifically in her lecture 'The Construction and Use Strategy of the Scientific Teaching Tools and Kindergarten Curriculum System'. After that, Mr. He stresses that experiential teaching is conducive to cultivate kids' ability to find problems, propose hypotheses, solve problems, strengthen experimental observation and summarize results in his lecture 'Constructing Kindergartens with Scientific and Competitive Advantages'.

In addition to thought-provoking speeches, Dr. Luck displays teaching courses from different periods of kindergarten, and scene-theme-based teaching class as 'Little Hands, Big World' in the area for observing the experiencing. Furthermore, Dr. Luck offers a variety of classroom configuration programs and consulting services on reference course. With the hope of promoting the development on children's physical and mental and preschool education, Dr. Luck contributes herself into exploring and innovating better education equipment and matched curriculum ceaselessly.

After the seminar, each audience has their own view on the relation between kindergarten and education equipment. Mrs. Wu, executive manager of Dr. Luck, says that Dr. Luck always aims to improve children's overall quality and it will find a best way to help children grow-up with the high quality teaching tool and learning tool.

In the forum, we see that excellent scientific teaching tools not only can help achieve children's comprehensive education, but also can achieve the goal of learning while playing through the interchange of kindergarten and teaching tools. Nowadays, it is easy to find out educational resources around the world. However, choosing appropriate teaching tools for our children is not a simple thing. To make the top scientific education equipment is Dr. Luck's primary goal and endless motivation.