Maker Space of Dr. Luck—A Bridge Between Youth and Maker

Based on different characteristics, Dr. Luck's Maker Space offers variety of intelligent blocks and related curriculum to the youth in order to realize their ideas and share their creativity. As the case stands, Dr. Luck cooperates several primary schools and middle schools to build Maker Spaces and gives relevant lectures to the teachers and students. Glad to say, the youngster performs quite well as they would well combine blocks with their unique imagination and creativity to build splendid models, robots and 3D printings.

Let's Enjoy Science

An oil bottle made car driven by five rubber bands for running 34.3 meters after successfully climbing a slope. A 3.22-meter tower which was composed by a pair of playing cards resisted the 'typhoon'. And an A4-paper-folded rocket was blown out 32.33- meter away. All of these happened at The 4th Cup of Dr. Luck of Guangdong Provincial Youth Science and Technology Innovation Challenging Competition which was held on 18th and 19th November 2016 in Guangzhou NO.2 middle school. There are about 600 teachers and students

China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week successfully opened at Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center on 1st August, 2016. Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of the State Council of China, and leaders from ten ASEAN countries attended this educational annual meeting. During this week, China and the countries of ASEAN have meaningful discussions on developing both education mainly includeing communicate educational concepts, sharing teaching materials and cooperating exchange programs. As one of representative enterprises

Coach Training Course -- Meet Our New Friend EST

Coach Training Course for Guangdong Teenager Robot Contest (Shantou city) is successfully held at Shantou University on March 10, 2017. Hong Xiangwu, vice chairman of Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology, and Chen Shaobin, head of Audio-visual Equipment Station of Bureau of Education of Guangzhou Municipality, attends the opening ceremony. Besides, 80 teachers from Guangzhou take part in a two-day training.
On the first day,professional teacher of Dr.Luck analyzes rules and tasks of the

2017 Senior Seminar on Preschool Education

'April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.' Dr. Luck meets young April at 2017 Senior Seminar on Preschool Education on April 8th and 9th, 2017. This seminar discusses about how scientific teaching tools can be applied to kindergarten curriculum, which help us to walk into a new stage of preschool education.
As the host of the seminar,Dr.Luck carefully laid out the seminar with six splendid three-dimensional wall printings and various of three-dimensional models,such as cute giraffes