This set contains worms, racks, universal wheels, pulleys and other fittings reached 686pcs, which could be built into hundreds of mechanical devices combining structure with design together to greatly improve children's imagination, independent thinking and hands-on skill. It is the basic set for children over age 6 to experience the mechanical structure and physics knowledge. Building instruction book provides 16 kinds different structured construction models with application.

KJ013 Module Programming Robot

The features of this set are weak current, safety and environmental protection. It aims at learning basic circuit principle and logical programming, studying physics phenomena about sound, light, electricity and force, acquiring knowledge about mechanism and program. It contains building blocks like basic parts and electronic modules. Electronic modules like power supply, sensors and wires have been provided. This set is suitable for beginners to learn robot about basic programming. 10 models and electronic modules instruction have been provided.

KJ026 Card Programming Robot

To turn complicated program symbols and logic into programming cards and by swiping cards to make robot move, this set is easy for students to learn basic program. It contains new structural parts like master controller, programmer, instruction cards and sensors like ultrasonic sensor and touch sensor. Also, it has an APP to program and control the robot which developed by Dr. Luck.

Visual Programming Robot

EST, short name for visual programming robot, use the method of graphical programming to lower the difficulty of complicated program and require less specialization knowledge of program for students, compared to tradition program language. The software contains various kinds of data and modules like control module, logic module and operation module, which are applied together to work to control the robot. This set is for students to learn logical thinking of automation and improve skills of innovation, problem solving and creative thinking.


This set, designed for 4-6 years old children, includes mechanical and engineering elements blocks parts like the gear, turbine, pulley. Also it contains the T-type threaded hole, H-shaped, three corner shaped connecting rod structure, which can be used with a screwdriver. Totally reached 100pc, this set with motors can fully exercise the children's structure design and hands-on skills to pave the way for robot learning in the future.


This set, designed for 4-6 years old children, is suitable for kindergarten children learning. The main blocks configuration of this set is gear, connecting rot, short shaft pulley, turbine and others that reached 158pcs. Through the learning and construction of models with motor, children get the fun and have the concept of force and power. This set includes free teaching material teachers to have class.

KJ035 Mosaic Blocks

This Mosaic Blocks set contains 12 types of geometry blocks with 5 colors, numbers, symbol blocks and three different size boards. All parts can be repeatedly assembled and separated that fixed well. By designing and arranging picture models, children can have the understanding of sequence, combination, symmetry and transformation between 2D and 3D. By constructing models, children can have the chances for improving their logical thinking, imagination thinking and hands-on skill.


This set, designed for 4-5 years old children, suits for pre-school children to use. Theme of this set is about engineering that parts like wheel, tipping bucket, exhaust pipe, wing and driver's seat have been provided for construction various kinds of conveyance models. This set exercises children's observation ability and foster their safety awareness. In the process of role play and construction, children can improve their express skills and build up confidence.